Yemen’s exiled government prepared for a temporary truce 


July 9, Saana: Yemen is now prepared for a cease fire after three months of  war. According to the UN Yemen’s, exiled government has called for a temporary ceasefire provided key guarantees are met.

“The Yemeni authorities have informed the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon of its agreement to implement a truce in the coming days,” spokesman Rajeh Badied  is said to have told the news wire Reuters on Thursday.

According to Reuters Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi,  had  asked for the of prisoners by Yemen’s dominant Houthi group, including the loyalist defense minister, as well as the Houthis’ withdrawal from four southern and eastern provinces where they are fighting local militias, to guarantee the truce.

This talk of truce comes amidst a grave humanitarian crisis in the country where even internally displaced civilians are being killed by rockets targeting refugee shelters, Adrian Edwards, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), had said on Saturday, that a rocket blasted a kindergarten in Aden, killing 12 refugees, who had been sheltered there since the insurgency began three months ago. “Since the closure of schools across Yemen at the end of May, schools and kindergartens were used to accommodate internally displaced persons. Refugees and internally displaced families were among the most vulnerable, and the UNHCR thus again called on all parties to allow unfettered access for humanitarian aid,” he said.

He further added that there are some 250,000 refugees in Yemen, whereas more than 46,000 persons had fled the country. At the same time, some 35,000 had crossed into Yemen from the Horn of Africa by boat since the beginning of the year.

Similarly, ever since the conflict begun access to food and clean water, has been regulated and civilians have been imposed with movement restrictions. Yemen’s healthcare system continues to deteriorate as medicine shortages, essential medical supplies and fuel have reached critical levels.

Despite several requests by humanitarian agencies regulation of food, clean water and medicines has not been lifted making it very difficult for civilians to survive this crisis. As the two groups continue to stand firm on their grounds the humanitarian crisis is worsening.

In fact after the announcement made by the exiled government a statement by the Houthi leader Zeifullah al-Shami that those conditions are “unacceptable” because they do not address the country’s humanitarian crisis.

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