West urges transparent probe: Boris Nemtsov killing 


Feb.28, Western leaders have called on the Russian authorities to get to the truth behind the killing of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.

The US president urged a “transparent investigation” to the case. The German chancellor said that the killing must be explained and the perpetrators brought to justice. Nemtsov was shot four times in the back on a bridge near the Kremlin.

President Putin quickly condemned the killing and has taken personal control of the investigation.

Investigators said that the murder may have been aimed at “destabilising” Russia.

Russian investigative committee head Vladimir Markin said in a statement that several motives for the killing were being considered including “Islamic extremism” and the victim’s alleged links with Ukraine.

The statement said that Nemtsov may have been sacrificed by those who do not shun anything to reach their political gains.

The statement added that the attack was meticulously planned and the killers – who fled in a car – had been tracking Mr Nemtsov’s movements around the city.

The Oslo Times


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