Veteran Chinese journalist Gao Yu awaits her fate 

Hong Kong Protest

April 16, Beijing: A verdict is expected Friday in the case of veteran journalist and staunch government critic Gao Yu. The 71-year-old freelance journalist, who writes about politics, the economy, and social trends for Chinese media in Hong Kong and overseas, was tried in November for disclosing state secrets.

The announcement of the court’s verdict has been postponed twice, according to reports. If a verdict is handed down Friday, details of any sentence are expected to be given at the same time, John Kamm, founder of the U.S.-based human rights organization Dui Hua Foundation, told CPJ by e-mail. In China‘s current anti-media climate, where the mainstream press is facing an increasingly stiflingworking environment through arrests, harassment, and media directives since President Xi Jinping came to power in March 2013, it is hard to believe there will be a positive outcome for her.

This month also marks one year since Gao was jailed by authorities. She is one of 44 journalists CPJ counted behind bars in China as of December 1, 2014, making the country the leading jailer of journalists. The figure marked the highest tally of journalists jailed there since CPJ began keeping records in 1990.

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