US calls Myanmar to treat Rohingya as citizens 


June 3, New York: The United states has called on Myanmar‘s government to treat minority Rohingya Muslims as citizens to solve the root cause of the migrant crisis in Southeast Asia.

On Wednesday, US Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard also urged all of Myanmar‘s leaders to speak up on human rights issues.

Richard’s comments reflect those of US President Barack Obama, who said the Rohingya – who have lived in Myanmar for generations – are “as much citizens of Burma as anyone else,” referring to the country by its former name.

Politicians in Myanmar were focused on a historic general election scheduled for November, Richard said, which was hindering political discussion of the status of the Rohingya.

Many of the more than 4,000 migrants who have landed in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar over the past two months are members of the Rohingya ethnic minority who say they are escaping persecution in Myanmar.

Myanmar does not recognise its 1.1 million-strong Rohingya minority as citizens, rendering them effectively stateless. Many have fled the apartheid-like conditions of the country’s Rakhine state. Myanmar denies it discriminates against them.

The Oslo Times

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