UN expert Bohoslavsky warns Greek deal may lead to hardship 

Demonstrators gather near the Greek Parliament during a rally against the government's agreement with its creditors in Athens, in central Athens, Tuesday, July 14, 2015. The eurozone's top official says it's not easy to find a way to get Greece a short-term cash infusion that will help it meet upcoming debt repayments. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

July 15, London: Independent United Nations expert on foreign debt Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky said that Greece’s creditors may break international law if the austerity measures they demand lead to undue hardship.

Bohoslavsky in a statement said that he is concerned about reported shortages of medicines and food caused partly by restrictions on money transfers.

European institutions, the International Monetary Fund and the Greek government must ensure that any bailout deal safeguards the right to health care, food and social security, he said.

There is real legal risk that some of the harsh austerity measures could be incompatible with European and international human rights law, Bohoslavsky added in the statement.

The Oslo Times

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