Turkish employer allegedly rapes Iranian asylum-seeker 

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19 April, Ankara: An Iranian political activist, who had fled extreme situation at home country and applied for asylum in Turkey in 2014 has allegedly been raped by his employer in his workplace  on January 17, 2015.

He (the victim) alleged that his unscrupulous employer molested him and threatened him with dire consequences should he share the

Woes of an Asylum Seeker. Carton By: The Oslo Times Political Cartoonist,Soheil Akbarpouran Narani

Woes of an Asylum Seeker. Cartoon By: The Oslo Times Political Cartoonist,Soheil Akbarpouran Narani

incident with media.The forensic report by Turkish police confirmed the Iranian asylum seeker has been the victim of sexual assault however no details are given. “I was asked by my employer to fetch some goods from the warehouse and when I reached there he came after me.

Actually he didn’t want the goods to be fetched but I was entrapped as he started assaulting me sexually,” the victim alleged. The victim, V.H, has allegedly been asked not to talk to media regarding the incident. The victim lives in Denizli city in Aegean region of Turkey. Many such incidents have taken place with asylum-seeking women who have been sexually abused, but usually such incidents are suppressed and not reported because of family honor. Turkey is a gateway to Europe and a first destination for asylum-seekers. The asylum-seekers are usually from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Africa.

Turkey has provided refuge to over 1.9 million. Among them 1.7 million are Syrian refugees who fled their country since the crisis began in 2011.
Refugees in Turkey are faced with a plethora of challenges which have made their lives miserable. Refugees don’t have access to their fundamental human needs, their cases are not being processed in time and it takes usually too longer and asylum seekers

languish in wait to reach a third country. Since asylum seekers have no permission to work therefore anybody to dares to go out for work is being sexually abused by some of the employers as they know how to exploit their weaknesses.flags

At times, they even refuse to pay them their wages. Many refugees work illegally, which is why they have landed in trouble, so many times. Working hours are 10-15 hours on daily basis. If the police raids the work place then they are fined for not havin employment insurance. Refugees have no access to education and recreational and health care facilities. They cannot even buy a sim card for mobile use. They are allowed only to travel from one city to another for filing their documents at UNHCR offices. Racial discrimination is also on the rise as Turkish people look down upon the asylum seekers. However if someone dares to challenge the challenges and starts denouncing the problems, he/she is directly sent to another city, which is why no sit-ins, no protest camps and no agitations are seen.

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