Turkey briefly blocks social media over photos of slain prosecutor 


April 7, Ankara, Turkey blocked access to social networking sites Twitter and YouTube for several hours on Monday over photos showing a militant pointing a gun at a prosecutor who died last week in a failed hostage rescue operation. Turkey also threatened to ban Google over the images.
During the siege, the DHKP-C group that claimed responsibility published pictures showing one of the militants  his face concealed by a scarf with the group’s red and yellow insignia  holding a gun to the hostage’s head in the prosecutor’s offices, ABC reported.

According to AP the state-run Anadolu Agency said access was blocked because Twitter and YouTube didn’t remove images of the prosecutor despite an official notification. It said the Internet Providers notified Twitter and YouTube, but video, photographs and audio continued to be posted on these sites.

A government official said Turkey decided to lift the ban on Twitter in the late afternoon after the company agreed to remove all images of the prosecutor and telecoms authorities verified that it had done so. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak publicly on the issue.

(The Oslo Times)

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