Three killed, five injured in ISIS car bombing near US consulate in Iraq’s Irbil 

The ISIS claimed responsibility for the car bomb blast near US consulate in Irbil, a relatively stable semi-autonomous Kurdish region. (Photo: AFP)

April 17, Cairo, Egypt: The ISIS claimed responsibility for a bombing in vicinity of t US consulate in Irbil, Iraq where three people were killed and five others injured.

The attack happened around 5pm on Friday evening as helicopters patrolled overhead. US officials say no consulate staffers were killed or injured. The US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said all the consulate personnel were and accounted for following the attack.

The attack inflicted damages on some cafes and restaurants usually popular with expats and consulate staffers. Soon after the blast, a loudspeaker at the consulate building alarmed people to stay indoors. Police officials say the body of the suicide attacker is beyond recognition. Irbil is the capital city of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region where Kurds fighters being supported by the US have been engaged in a fierce resistance against the ISIS. Police official says the incident started with an explosion of a small improvised bomb in the area which was followed by a blast and a car moved forward in the direction of the consulate. Security personnel fired at the car. “It exploded and didn’t reach the target,” the official said.

(The Oslo Times)


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