Things Men like to say while bragging about their girls 


July 4, 2015:  Have you ever wondered what your man tells his friends about you? What they do during their men’s night out?

Though we all know that men like bragging about their girls, the thought of what exactly he says has always been a well kept secret among men.  So before any of your prying boy friends figure out that you have decoded their mysterious code, here are a few things we came across:

Men enjoy giving their friends intimate details about their relationship, they even talk about the massive fight you had earlier that week.

According to relationship experts men talking about a fight they had with their significant other is pretty common, because they are just looking to see if that is normal.  Experts also suggest that usually men do not understand proper relationship etiquette and don’t think before talking about things you thought were just between the two of you.

So don’t get shocked reading this list:

You wax your upper lip!

Your efforts to look a wee lil better for him, may end up making the headlines at his night out with his buddies as he begins bragging to his friends, about how much effort you put into the way you look just so that you can please him.

You are awesome in Bed:

What is it about guys and  the bed scene, guys at times will even lie to their buddies about this, as an ego boost. Infact this tendency had been nicely described by the facebook feed that read: If you smile at a guy, in the guy’s World its equivalent to you like him, go for a coffee- full blown dinner date, let him hold your hand is equal to kissing him and if you kiss the guy, guys will exaggerate that and that usually equals having sex with him.

Oh he loves bragging to his buddies about your financial independence and believe it or not he may even brag about your salary. They talk about their girl’s salary because they think it makes them look more powerful in front of their friends when they earn more.

An embarrassing story you trusted him with:
Men will be men, they just love light hearted jokes and are pretty much comfortable in trying to tell the funniest joke, even if it is at your expense.

We hope this little piece has helped you decode whats really going on during a men’s night out. They are literally gossiping behind your back, whoever said men don’t gossip should atleast join one of these night outs to find out how the ego game is played out.

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