The Oslo Times wishes the blissful and peaceful festivities of EID Al Fitr 


‘EID Al Fitr’ greetings & message of peace from ‘The Oslo Times International News Network’!

On the occasion of EID Al Fitr festivities, we wish all the readers / viewers, subscribers, the entire global network of The Oslo Times a very prosperous and blessed EID Al Fitr – the festival of forgiveness & peace that gives the message to the World of humanity with sweetness of being a respectable and friendly being that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan (the Islamic month of fasting).

This year’s the holy month of Ramadan is over and we believe many of our Muslims brethren have faced various challenges along with the others to stand in solidarity for their varied causes and principals. However, we believe we should take it as a learning experience.

We would also like to wish special EID Al Fitr greetings to all war-torn victims, journalists, human rights victims and activists for their immense contribution towards bringing the peace and stability in this volatile world. We all aim to live a life with peace and dignity and also wish to see people in across the world & throughout the communities of varied faiths, living in an atmosphere of safety & peaceful co-existence.

Our bureaus spanning all across the globe through various representations have seen atrocities meted out to innocent people under dictatorial regimes, massive violation of human rights, child abuse and imprisonment of journalists on various occasions.

Our sympathy and heart goes out to all civilians and journalists who lost their lives in state conflicts especially; in the states ruined by sectarian violence that devastated the lives in nations like: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Burma, Sri-Lanka, Central Africa, with sisters those who have suffered from sexual abuses in countries like; DRC at the hands of their own people. We sincerely and firmly believe in the ideology of freedom of expression and democracy. We pray and hope that dictatorial regimes in the world should end, and democracy, respect for human rights and freedom of expression should prevail.

Life is destined highway that comes with various junctures and cross roads hence; testing the sincerity of once; belief and tolerance that tries to entangle us with more challenges which sophisticates the politicization of the universal brotherhood. So, with all my humility, we hope and pray to God to bring peace and stability in the world by infusing people with courage.

Prayers & celebrations of EID al Fitr across the world.

Prayers & celebrations of EID al Fitr across the world.

We wish everyone to have an access to freedom of expression, installed democracy with enshrined visionary constitution and respect for human rights. We must remember that the World is a global village and we all human beings are like a family, therefore, we should live and respect each and every human being irrespective of any religion / caste / creed / race / color / tribe or geography.

With this thought and wish, we, once again, & would like to wish everyone a blissful and joyous festivities EID Al Fitr. May God Bless everyone who exists in this World!

Experience the sweetness of this festival of sweets and forgiving!

on behalf of The Oslo Times team

Sincerely Yours,

Hatef Mokhtar – Editor in Chief of The Oslo Times International News Network.

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