The Editor-in Chief of The Oslo Time, Hatef Mokhtar, condemns Human Rights violations in Iran 

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Oslo, Nov 1: The Editor-in-Chief of the Oslo Times international news network, Hatef Mokhtar, has condemned the Human Rights Violations in Iran as the human rights situation in the Arabian nation plummets with each passing day.

“The entire western World refuses to speak up and take action against Iran because of their own selfish motives,” he said while pointing at the deteriorating state of human life in Iran. The condemnation from the  Editor-in-Chief, comes at a time when reports suggest that Iran is at the verge of closing a nuclear arms deal with the United states, France, The United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and China.

Meanwhile according to a report by the UN the number of human rights violations has increased since 2012. The report  provided byHMUN’s human rights investigator  Ahmad Shaheed  states that there has been a surge in the number of human rights violations in various arenas, for instance according to the report there has been an alarming increase in the number of prison and public execution .

There has also been a large increase in the number of journalists detained as the government tightens its grip on web media users.  ” this year alone the number of journalists detained in Iranian prisons has reached 35.

To add to all this there has been a sharp inclination on the violations of women’s rights  as the number of acid attacks on women continues to rise.

“More and more Iranian women fail to feel safe in their own nations,” said Mokhtar, before pointing out that the government of Iran beginning this year has imposed a quota to restrict the number of  girls enrolling to universities.

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