The economic crisis is history: Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy 


Barcelona, Dec 11: The Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy at an event on Thursday stated that Spain has successfully emerged out of the economic crisis and it is now history, as jobs are more plentiful than they were three years ago when he first came into power.

“In many ways, the crisis is history”, he said,before adding that “this Christmas will be the first Christmas we celebrate after emerging out of recession”.
Premier Rajoy, in a very optimistic speech, stated that in just two years, Spain has gone from being a concern, to being heard at forums like this year’s edition of the G-20 conference in Brisbane (Australia ) where Spain became the talk of town for its steady recovery from recession.

” We have all made it possible as our success comes from the counters of small businesses, bars cafes, and other businesses and it is reflected on the payrolls and inside our homes,” he said, before adding that though unemployment is still a concern in Spain the rate of unemployment will fall to below 22.15 percent next year. The rate of unemployment had reached an all-time high of just over 26 percent in 2013 and it had dropped to 24 percent by August 2014.

“We still have unemployment, but at this rate, by next year it will fall to below 22.15 percent,” he said.Spain had officially emerged from a two-year recession, in October, with its economy growing at 0.1 percent over the last five months, according to Spain‘s National Statistics Institute.

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