Taliban, ISIS announce war against each other in Afghanistan 

Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi the leader of the ISIS (left) an Iraqi Arab and Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban (right), an Afghan, have started a turf war in Afghanistan.

April 20, Kabul, Afghanistan: The police chief of southern Helmand province, Nabi Jan Mullahkhel said Sunday that the Taliban and ISIS groups have announced jihad against each other.  Helmand province has been considered the hotbed of the Taliban and also the largest producer of opium. The turf war between the ISIS and the Taliban is not something secret as Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi, the leader of the ISIS has called the Taliban’s leader Mullah Omar “a fool and an illiterate warlord”. Al-Baghdadi who had fought under the banner of al-Qaeda against then Soviet’s troops in Afghanistan, said that Mullah Omar doesn’t deserve spiritual and political credibility. Last week, the Taliban leader ordered its fighters not join the ISIS and never let its flag to be hoisted on Afghan soil however despite that some insurgents are joining the ISIS perhaps for lavish resources and international caliphate ideology. Mullahkhel, said that they have received documents that show both the groups have announced jihad against each other. Reports of clashes between the fighters of the Taliban and the ISIS have not been surfaced yet however the Taliban condemned the suicide blast in eastern province of Nangarhar where 33 people were killed and over 120 injured. The ISIS had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Nabi also said that insurgents attacked a police station Sunday in the capital city of Helmand, injuring two officials and a civilian. He said that two insurgents entered the police station whereas one insurgent blew himself outside the station to allow the others in. Last year the Taliban had launched a coordinated attack in Helmand. The skirmishes were so much deadliest that Afghan security forces sought aerial support.

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