Syrians chose their future in ‘legitimate’ poll: Russia 


Russia‘s foreign ministry said Thursday that Syrians had chosen their country’s future by voting in “legitimate” polls to reelect President Bashar al-Assad.
“It’s unacceptable to ignore the opinion of millions of Syrians who… came to polling stations and made a choice in the interests of the future of the country,” spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said at a televised briefing.
“In Moscow the vote is seen as an important event that ensures the continued function of state institutions in Syria according to the constitution of this sovereign country,” he said.
“We have no basis to cast doubt on the legitimacy of these elections,” Lukashevich said, while acknowledging that “in these conditions, they cannot be considered 100 percent perfect from the point of view of democratic standards.”       

“At least Russian observers came to the conclusion that they took place in a transparent atmosphere, despite all the complex security conditions in this country, and they noted a very high turnout,” added Lukashevich.
Russia felt “disappointment” at the “shallow politicised reaction” to the polls from “certain international partners,” the foreign ministry spokesman said.

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