Syria barrel bombings continue despite UN ban: Human Rights Watch 


Feb.25, Syria: Human Rights Watch said the UN Security Council had done nothing to stop the barrel bombings when the Syrian government dropped barrel bombs on hundreds of sites last year, violating a UN Security Council resolution.

The HR group said that it had documented at least 450 locations targeted in the southern province of Deraa and another 1,000 in Aleppo in the north alone. Barrel bombs are large cylindrical containers filled with explosive.

In an interview with the BBC two weeks ago, President Bashar al-Assad denied his forces used barrel bombs.

Dismissing the allegation as a “childish story”, he insisted: “There are no barrel bombs. We don’t have barrels.

Bashar al-Assad said, “There are no indiscriminate weapons. When you shoot you aim, and when you shoot, when you aim, you aim at terrorists in order to protect civilians, you cannot have war without casualties.”

But Human Rights Watch said they had collected evidence through analyzing satellite images, photographs, videos and witness accounts contradicted Assad’s assertion.

The group documented attacks in Deraa and Aleppo provinces from 22 February 2014, when a UN Security Council resolution insisted all parties end “indiscriminate employment of weapons in populated areas, including shelling and aerial bombardment” – until 25 January of this year

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