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Your remark against an American citizen imprisoned in North Korea and wishing the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un a Happy Birthday is highly condemnable, abysmal and insensate.

With all my heart, I am ashamed that a person of your stature wished birthday greetings to one of the World’s most cruelest and brutal dictator Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Your remarks have not only hurt the victims of human rights, but also those who see you as their role model. You have degraded your own self.

As  an activist of human rights, highly condemn your derogatory remark. I must remind you that do not forget that you praised a person (kim Jong Un), who is the most cruel and inhumane tyrant of the World. He has destroyed many innocent lives. How can you shower praises on a dictator who has not only executed his own uncle, but also shattered the lives of innocent people and abuse the human rights on large-scale.

Despite knowing the atrocities which Kim Jong Un meted out to his citizens, how can you be a supporter of a brutal dictator? It is no denying that Kim Jong Un is a suppressor, who has been responsible for throwing his country into dark ages and making his own countrymen, child and womenfolk suffer.

Do not forget that under the tyrant Kim Jong Un, more than 200,000 men, women and children are languishing in jails. These prisoners are being jailed for some political vested reasons and are not guilty of any globally recognize crimes. They are facing the worst form of human rights abuse and are dying out of starvation. People are living there under constant fear and uncertainty, and are scared that if they do not follow and diktats of government, they have to face inhumane torture, life-long labour and life transportation.


How can you overlook Congressional Research Service report in 2008, in which it is clearly mention that United states offered North Korea with over $1 billion in help, about 60 percent of which was given as food relief and 40 percent for energy? Should I remind you that this aid was abandoned mid-way due to lack of transparency and restrictions on international watch on North Korea’s nuclear programme.

US basketball star in North Korea with Kim Jong-Un

How can you turn a blind eye towards the situation of prisoners languishing in jails who are pigeon tortured? You are aware that they are compelled to cross their arms behind their back, and are handcuffed and slung in the air knotted to a pole, and beaten till the death. North Korean Citizens who want to leave the country are being considered criminals and if anyone leaves, he faces severe punishment like torture, interrogation and death. A severe punishment like throwing in camps with a high-scale shortage of food and medicine is awarded to those who are suspected of religious or political activities or have any contact with South Korea. Not only that, many innocent women and girls are trafficked to China and forced into prostitution. Lots of children have been forced to live without legal identity and denied access to education.

How heartless is this from you that irrespective of being aware that the judiciary system in North Korea is also not independent and all the judges, prosecutors, lawyers, court clerks and jury members’ works under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un, yet you choose to praise a violator of human rights publicly. You know that these lawyers, judges and prosecutors etc fear about their life if they pronounce any verdict which doesn’t suit government’s whims and fancies.

I am sure that it would be of no surprise that callow and coward person like Kim Jong Un will express his thanks on your birthday wishes without any remorse and regret.

I am sorry Mr Dennis, but by praising a dictator like Kim Jong Un, you have not only disrespected and disregard, but also brought shame on humanity undoubtedly.


Written by Hatef Mokhtar, Oslo –Norway

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