S Africa court to continue the case of Sudan’s Bashir arrest 

Sudan's Bashir

June 15, Khartoum: High court in South Africa is all set to continue the case of Sudan‘s President Omar al-Bashir on Monday after he was barred from leaving the country pending an application for his arrest.

The state lawyers were expected to start their arguments at 08:00 GMT before the court in Pretoria, sources told Al Jazeera. The high court has to decide whether to send Bashir to the International Criminal Court.

However, a Sudanese presidency spokesman told Reuters news agency that the president would be leaving South Africa later on Monday.

“President Bashir is still in Johannesburg but we are leaving South Africa today,” Mohamed Hatem said.

Bashir, who is accused of war crimes in repressing an armed uprising in the Sudanese region of Darfur, was due to appear in Johannesburg on Sunday for the AU summit.

The Hague-based ICC issued an arrest warrant in 2009, but Bashir denies the charges.

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