Reyhaneh Jabbari to be executed on Saturday: Mother 

R Jabbari

Tehran:  The 26 year-old, Reyhaneh Jabbari, who is in jail for stabbing her rapist to death in an act of self-defence, will be executed on Oc t25, according to her mother.

Shole Pakravan, Reyhaneh’s mother, informed the World about that she had received information that her daughter will be executed tomorrow through a post on Face Book. “They called from the prison office now. Told me to go to an address they gave me for the last visit. She (Reyhaneh) will be transferred tonight. Tomorrow is set for her execution”. Shole Pakravan, Reyhaneh Jabbari’s mother, wrote these phrases on her Facebook page at about 4 pm Tehran time.

In a story published by her first lawyer, the 19 year old Reyhaneh had met Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi at a coffee shop, where him and his friend had overheard her talking to a client regardinIRAN-JUSTICE-EXECUTIONg an interior decoration project she was going to start on soon. The two men had approached her in regards to decorating their office space, to which she agreed. A few days later, the Sarbandi’s friend called her up regarding the decoration and she agreed to go with them to the office site that required changes. However, they didnt go directly to the stop and according to her lawyer, the car she was in stopped at a pharmaceutical shop before heading towards the building.

Upon their arrival the building, she was taken to the fourth floor and into an apartment space that was dusty and had not been used for ages. Reyhaneh is believed to have had cold feet the minute she stepped into the room, so she left the door unclosed. However, Sarbandi, asked her to close the door and as she did he approached her and asked her to remove her head scarf, she resisted and stepped away from him, this got him really angry and he came menacingly towards her and in the struggle ensued. In her desperate efforts to fight him off and save herself Reyhaneh, got a knife and stabbed him.This did not stop him and he was still coming at her when a second man approached the crime scene and attacked Sarbandi, this fight among the to men allowed her to escape the scene safely. She was arrested from home at 2:00 am the same night and was forced to give a statement stating that he killed Sarbandi without the presence of her lawyer.

In her letter from prison to her family she, confesses that she had been forced to give that statement that she had killed Sarbandi and that the authorities had threatened to torture her sister if she did not make the false confession.,”I asked him what I could do to stop him from hurting my sister. He said, ‘It is very simple Just sign that you bought the knife before the murder.’ So I signed it and breathed a sigh of relief.” — Reyhaneh Jabbari, says in her letter from prison..

The Iran Human Rights , has therefore urged the international community to react to stop Reyhaneh’s execution. IHR’s Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam on Friday said: “Rehyaneh Jabbari has been subjected to unfair trial and her execution is against Iran’s international obligations and must be stopped. We ask the UN, EU and all countries with diplomatic relations with Iran to use all their channels to stop Reyhaneh’s execution”.

Rehyaneh was sentenced to death under  qesas (“retribution-in-kind”) by a criminal court in Tehran in 2009. The death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court the same year. Her case  has attracted much attention inside and outside Iran  and her scheduled execution has been postponed twice on April 15 and September 29.

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