Rainbows not allowed in Saudi Arabia 

School Before and After  crack down.

A school in Saudi Arabia has been fined and punished for using a rainbow in the school’s mural. The recent crackdown on rainbows by the Religious Police in Saudi Arabia because the rainbow colors are used by the LGBT community as a symbol for their rights.

According to reports, a school official was sent to jail and the private school was apparently  made to pay a hefty fine of  approximately 25,000 euros, for having repainted its walls with rainbow colors.

The crack down on the use of the rainbow has come after the US government legalized gay marriages across the US last month. The decision to lash out at this school is ridiculous. I’d say that half of all Saudi schools and pre-schools probably have rainbows painted on their walls somewhere or other. What are they supposed to do? Erase them all?,” queried Human Right Activist Mohamed Alsaeedi to France 24.


According to him, it is sometimes easier to be in a homosexual relationship in Saudi Arabia than a heterosexual relationship. “The authorities do everything they can to separate men and women, but people of the same sex are free to meet up in public spaces. So homosexuals can meet in the street, in cafes and in shopping centers, as long as they are being discrete,” he added.

The Oslo Times


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