Queensland Police celebrates 50 years of women in the service 


March 31, Queensland: Today there are 3,038 female police officers while there were only eight in 1965 in the Queensland Police Service, making up about 26 per cent of the service, ABC news reported.

The celebrations have taken place over Queensland to remember the 50th anniversary of women being sworn to the police force. Until 1931, the Queensland Police Force, as it was known at the time, was exclusively male, although two ladies were then selected as officers they were not given a uniform or any power to arrest. It was not until 1965 that eight ladies were given sworn powers and joined the force as regular clothed officers. While the women had equivalent power and rank to male officers, it was not until September 1970 that women would get equivalent pay.

Inspector Cumming while talking ABC said that female mind has a lot to offer the Queensland Police Service. “I think we have unique set of skills such as communication skills, our ability to negotiate – which are all paramount to how police go about their everyday duties.                         The Oslo Times

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