Palestinian Authority becomes international criminal court`s 123 member 


April 1, The Palestinian Authority becomes the member international criminal court formally the court’s 123rd member, the Authority completed its journey to formal membership of international criminal court on Wednesday following a low-key ceremony at the Hague headquarters of the global institution of last resort.

According to The Guardian Joining the court is part of a broader effort by the Palestinians to put international pressure on Israel, and comes at a time when the chances of resuming negotiations on Palestinian statehood are seen as slim following the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent election victory and tough campaign rhetoric. The review, however, will likely focus initially on last year’s Gaza conflict, when Palestinians suffered heavy civilian casualties, prompting allegations by some rights groups that Israel committed war crimes. Leaders of Hamas, which rules Gaza, could also face charges because the militant group fired rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilian areas.

William R Pace, the convener of the coalition for the ICC,  who supports and promotes the court’s work, while taking to The Guardian , said Palestinian membership “gives hope to victims in both Palestine and Israel that they might see justice done and the conflict brought to a peaceful end”.

 The Oslo Times

The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times
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