One Billion Rising campaign calls to end violence against women 

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Feb.17, Colorado: Since 2012, Valentine’s Day has been dedicated not only to lovers but also to a global campaign to end violence against women and promote gender equality.

The United Nations estimates that one in three women around the World will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That is a staggering one billion people subjected to physical and sexual abuse.

People in more than 190 countries staged mass actions on February 14, 2012 and launching One Billion Rising campaign to end violence against women.

For the past two years on the same day, similar mass actions have been staged, as reports of violence against women continue to be reported around the globe.

A similar programme was organized at Colorado to mark the day. Local women’s advocate helped with a One Billion Rising event to help bring awareness to the women who have been beaten or raped.

“One Billion Rising, that’s representing the one billion women and girls around the World who experience gender-based violence, and most of that is sexual violence,” a local women advocate Sarai Trujillo said.

She said,”That’s a staggering number. This movement is a way to overcome, that oppression that marginalization women and girls feel around the World. Through the strength of women and girls and their allies, we can dance and rise above.”

About 100 participants danced to “Break the Chain,” on the Royal Gorge Bridge as a part of the event. This is the first One Billion Rising event in Fremont County, she said.

As in many of the country’s laws, unfortunately, tough laws to promote women’s welfare are weakly enforced. Many women, unaware of their rights and the protection guaranteed by law against various forms of abuses, continue to be battered by their husbands or partners. Impoverished young girls are physically and sexually abused and forced into prostitution.

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