North Korea threatens to take strong counter measures against The US 


June 27, Pyongyang: North Korea has threatened the U.S with, ‘tougher countermeasures’, after America’s State Department’s annual report global human rights labelled North Korea as a major violator of Human Rights.

The North Korean Authorities on Saturday, stated that the US is dreaming a foolish dream. The country’s foreign ministry has also accused the report of being a “sinister attempt” to bring down its regime under the pretext of protecting human rights, according to the agency.

A commentary from North Korea’s official news agency KCNA on Saturday said: “The U.S. will see the DPRK’s military muscle increasing in every way and its people enjoying a happy life under socialism.”

“The World will clearly see how the DPRK will smash the U.S. moves for isolating and stifling it,” the agency added.

The U.S. Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 2014, released Thursday, branded North Korea’s human rights record “among the worst in the World,” in the past year, with public executions, political prison camps, torture and other abuses, the Korea Times reported.

China on Friday had published its annual Human Rights Report, which has cited the U.S. as being “haunted by spreading guns and frequent occurrence of violent crimes.” The report further added that racial discrimination was a “chronic problem in the United states.

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