Nigeria president Janathan reveals plan to defeat Boko Haram 

Nigerian pres, Goodluch Jonathan

Abuja, Jan 2: Nigeria‘s President Goodluck Jonathan has vowed to defeat militant group Boko Haram by ‘re-equipping and re-positioning our armed forces’.


Jonathan made the fresh commitment in his New Year address, after a series of attacks blamed on the group in recent weeks.


Earlier on Thursday, at least 10 people were injured by a suicide bomber near a church in Gombe, north-east Nigeria.


“We are re-equipping and re-positioning our armed forces to enhance their capacity to win the ongoing war against terror and insurgency,” President Jonathan said in his speech.


“We have done a lot of painstaking planning and work to resolve the current security challenge. We will bring justice to the savage terrorists known as Boko Haram. They will be defeated.”


Boko Haram killed at least 2,000 civilians in 2014 in the country.


He said “terrorists have unleashed much pain and agony on our land. They have made widows of our mothers and sisters and orphans of our children. They have shut down businesses, desecrated places of worship and brought untold hardship to both men and women. They have violated the culture and peaceful way of life in our country, which took generations to build.”


They have destroyed countless schools and displaced people from their communities, driving them into exile, the 11th point of his speech read.


The President who is also the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Nigeria urged the people to remain assured that the terrorists will not get away with their atrocities. “They will not win; they will be routed. As President, I feel the pain of all affected communities and families. I hear their cries and share their sorrow and pain.”


Jonathan, who is up for re-election in February, has made similar pledges before and has faced criticism for failing to stop the Boko Haram militants.

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