aids Ukranian Rights activist Nadiya Savchenko’s case 


Jan 26, Kiev:, the online platform that connects dissidents with sources of assistance, is proud to announce our support for the legal case to free Nadiya Savchenko, the Ukrainian pilot captured by Russian forces. responded quickly to a post made by The Free Russia Foundation, requesting immediate assistance regarding the Savchenko case. users translated over 70 documents related to the case. Vanderbilt Law Professor Michael Newton, who serves on the the American Bar Association’s International Criminal Law Project, has received the document which will help Nadiya’s legal representatives obtain a better understanding of the case and allow them to write a legal opinion. The documents will also be used to brief Congress members, and help free Savchenko from prison. is proud to continue its support of Savchenko, who has been on hunger strike since December 2014, by connecting her campaign with media, advocacy and translation assistance. Movements encourages anyone who wants to use small amount of their time to support Savchenko or other activists to sign up for

In conjunction with the campaign has launched a Ukrainian language version of our website, making it even easier for activists in Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora to connect with sources of assistance from volunteer providers such as journalists, attorneys and tech experts.

Movements facilitated media coverage and reached out to the Ukrainian World Congress to secure a statement from Congress President Eugene Czolij, who demanded Savchenko’s immediate release and called for action from the international community. is supporting the #FreeSavchenko Twitter campaign, which will be held on January 26th, 2014, through our social networks and by facilitating media activity.


Savchenko was captured by pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine and handed over to Russia for detention in 2014. Her case is a blatant contravention of international law and one of many examples of the escalating human rights abuses in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

The almost year-long occupation of parts of Ukraine by Russian forces has raised fears that for the country’s democratic prospects. In these occupied regions, Ukrainians are increasingly experiencing massive human rights violations and restrictions on essential rights such as freedom of speech.

Activists inside Ukraine are fighting to keep their civil society alive, and offer an alternative to Russian aggression and need the help of the international community.

Adriana Luhovy, Ukrainian Program Manager of’s parent organization Advancing Human Rights, commented: “Ukraine is one of the most important battlegrounds—literally and figuratively—in the fight for human rights and resistance of Russian aggression and intimidation. We are excited to be able to offer a Ukrainian language version of to enable this key segment of the human rights movement to connect with fellow activists and sources of assistance around the World.”The

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