Monks join Myanmar anti-Rohingya rally 

Rohingya migrants travel ling on rickety boats in hopes of seeking asylum in countries like Malaysia.Photo: AFP

May 27, YangonHundreds of demonstrators, including Buddhist monks, rallied in Yangon against what they call  “bullying” by the international community for speaking up against Myanmar‘s treatment of the Rohingya ethnic minority group on Wednesday.

 Nearly,400 people, including 40 monks, gathered to show their support for the anti-Rohingya campaign as the streets filled up with campaigners wearing T-shirts with the captions,–“Boat people are not from Myanmar” and “Myanmar should not take the blame for boat people problem”.

According to reports, many Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar in recent months out of fear of persecution, and thousands are drifting around in rickety boats as they wait to seek asylum in neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Human rights groups have repeatedly urged Myanmar to provide better conditions for the Rohingya, who are considered by the Myanmar government as illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

U Win Hlan Tha, a monk who attended the rally, said he wanted to show his support of “real” Myanmar people.

“These people are not really us and the international media has got it all wrong,” he said. “What they have to understand is that we are never going to let them in because they have never been one of us.”

The Oslo Times and Agencies

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