Message from the desk of Hatef Mokhtar, Chief Editor, The Oslo Times 




On the eve of Merry Christmas, I wish all the staff members of The Oslo Times warm greetings and happy times ahead.


Time flies quickly and we all get busy in our day-to-day engagements, but happy occasion like Christmas give us chance to shower our appreciation, affection and regards to all our dear ones.


We all work hard throughout the year; accept various challenges personally, professionally and socially. We always try to strive hard to make the both ends meet. The year pass by is not only a year, but it, in many ways, teaches us various things about profession, relationship and life. We must seize it and seek the best out of these enriching experiences.

People say life neither a bed of roses nor a cakewalk, but with our resilience, determination and enthusiasm, life can become easy, simple but yet beautiful.


On this happy eve, I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff of The Oslo Times for their indomitable spirit, hard work and honest dedication. The credit for the The Oslo Times should go to all the staff and all the readers and subscribers for appreciating the content and efforts of the team of The Oslo Times. I wish them a great success ahead with peace in their personal and professional life.


I wish the families’ and extended families’ of the staff of The Oslo Times, a Merry Christmas. I hope and pray for their triumph in life and extend my support to mount the glory of success.


I also would like to wish Christmas greetings to all the brave journalists, who lost their lives during war-reporting or have been imprisoned. I would also like to wish Merry Christmas to human rights activists for their selfless and untiring contribution towards human rights violation.


Once again wish you a very prosperous Merry Christmas. Make a wish.


Yours Sincerely,

Hatef Mokhtar …. Oslo Norway

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