Malaysian cartoonist Zunar’s confiscated again 


Nov 14: Malaysian political cartoonist Zunar finds his work being confiscated, just after a month of winning an appeal against government censorship of two of his cartoon collections.

Zunar, in a statement to the media, said, “three of my assistants were arrested and taken to Putrajaya Police Station, near Kuala Lumpur last week for selling my cartoon books. They were investigated under The Sedition Act, Penal Code and Printing and Press Act.

According to reports, the trio had been displaying Zunar books, cartoon strips and cards near the near the Putrajaya courtroom complex during a controversial trial of a government opposition leader.

However, this latest wave of harassment has come a month after the Malaysian Court-of-Appeal toppled the ban over Zunar’s work. “The Home Ministry acted unreasonably and irrationally in issuing the blanket ban” and the seizure of Zunar’s books 1 Funny Malaysia and Perak Darul Kartun, ” the court of appeal had stated while lifting the ban.

Meanwhile, in response to the government’s failure to respect court orders and respect free speech and artistic expression, Zunar concluded, that Malaysian PM Najib Rezak’s administration as “merely a cartoon government.”

He further informed that he had received word on November 11 that the government of Malaysia is going to a higher court in hopes of overruling his legal victory.

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