Libya militia free detained Tunisians 

Tunisians, who had been detained in Libya by a militia, line up at the main administration center for the body that combats illegal migration before being set free on May 21, 2015 in Tripoli. Mohamed Abdelsalam al-Kuwiri, who heads the  unit combatting illegal migration, said his officers helped secure the release of 42 Tunisians, three days after Tunisian officials said that negotiations were under way for the release of 172 nationals held by the Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn) militia alliance which controls Tripoli and third city Misrata.   AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD TURKIA

May 31, Tunis:The Tunisian foreign ministry has announced that dozens of Tunisians who had been held by Libyan militia have been freed on Sunday.

According to reports, The Tripoli-based government and the Tunisian foreign ministry said the Tunisians were held for verification of their identity papers.

However, the Tunisian consul in Tripoli had previously stated that they had been taken into custody,  bargaining chips for a Libyan militia commander arrested in Tunis.”All the Tunisians being held in Libya have been freed. The final group was released today,” the Tunisian foreign ministry said in a statement.


Meanwhile, in Tripoli, Mohamed Abdelsalam al-Kuwiri, who heads a unit in the Tripoli-based government that combats illegal migration, stated that a final group of 90 Tunisians was released on Saturday, two days after 71 others were freed.

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