Journalist James Foley killed by Islamic State militants 21 months after going missing in Syria 


In this May 27, 2011 file photo American Journalist James Foley, of Rochester, N.H., poses for a photo in Boston

Committee to Protect Journalists 

The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the murder of James Foley, a U.S. freelance journalist, who was abducted in Syria in November 2012. In a video posted online, the Al-Qaeda splinter group Islamic State claimed to have executed Foley, saying the act was retribution for U.S. military intervention in Iraq.”The barbaric murder of journalist James Foley, kidnapped in Syria and held almost two years, sickens all decent people. Foley went to Syria to show the plight of the Syrian people, to bear witness to their fight, and in so doing to fight for press freedom,” said CPJ Chairman Sandra Mims Rowe. “Our hearts go out to his family, who had dedicated themselves to finding and freeing Jim.”Syria has been the most dangerous country in the World for journalists for more than two years. At least 69 other journalists have been killed covering the conflict there, including some who died over the border in Lebanon and Turkey. More than 80 journalists have been kidnapped in Syria; with frequent abductions, some of which go unpublicized, it is difficult to know exactly how many. CPJ estimates that approximately 20 journalists, both local and international, are currently missing in Syria. Many of them are believed to be held by Islamic State.


In January 2013, when Foley was still missing, CPJ released an audio slideshow featuring a colleague and friend of Foley’s, Nicole Tung, who spoke about her experience working and traveling with him.


  • Islamic State takes brutality towards hostages to extreme 

    “Foley did not work for the US government. He was an experienced international reporter whose sole interest was to report the news, not represent his nation. We express our heartfelt condolences to his family, his mother, his father, who we know, and his friends. And we pay tribute to a man who helped us to provide support to the family of one of his friends, a photographer killed in Libya.”

  • Syria: Journalist’s execution a war crime 

    “James went to Syria because of his commitment to exposing the horrors civilians faced since the uprising against the government there,” said Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at Human Rights Watch. “He, like the other journalists who are now held prisoner in Syria, courageously risked his life so that the World might know the truth and act to ease the suffering of the Syrian people.”

  • James Foley’s brutal death could pose challenges to journalism in the Middle East 

    The death of American journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS members in the Middle East has brought the issue of safety for journalists in war-torn areas back into the spotlight.

  • ISIS deserves worldwide condemnation 

    “The execution of James Foley is an extremely sobering reminder of the dangers faced by journalists determined to document the suffering of civilians and of the grave dangers to fundamental freedoms posed by ISIS,” said David J. Kramer, president of Freedom House. “ISIS, which kills civilians because of their religious beliefs, would make religious or political differences and the reporting of truth a crime. We urge the United states, the government of Iraq, religious leaders and the international community to hold ISIS to account.”

  • IFJ condemns brutal murder of American journalist James Foley in Syria 

    We now urge the international community to stand up to barbarity and say “No More”.


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