Indian media highlight challenges on Independence Day. 


Media are celebrating India‘s 68th Independence Day amid hopes of a better future.

Most papers remember India’s struggle for Independence while recalling the country’s achievements and failures.

“Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru [India’s first PM] spoke about a dreamlike ‘tryst with destiny’ 67 years ago this day. But the Indian dream is still half realised,” says the The Times of India.

The paper adds that “the nation’s tryst with modernity remains an aborted one as the old India of caste, communal riots, patriarchy and mass poverty is still very much with us — albeit to a lesser extent than before”.

Despite the challenges, most editorial writers agree that India has great potential to find its right place in the World.

An article in the Hindustan Times says “at 67 years India is young and we can feel good about where we are for several reasons. First, the idea of India is alive and well despite the centrifugal forces of caste, religion, income, language”.

Papers are also reminding citizens about the “collective responsibility” of taking the country forward.

Hindi daily Dainik Jagaran says “India‘s development is a responsibility that everybody must share together. We can realise our dreams only when we are united”.

Expectation from Modi

Most also highlight India‘s expectations from the new government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hindi daily Amar Ujala says that “we got our independence after several years of struggle and sacrifices”.

But the paper highlights that millions still go hungry every day, crimes against women are on the rise and communal riots consonantly threaten the social fabric of the country.

“Mr Modi promised to usher the country into good days. Now he has an opportunity to fulfil his promises,” it adds.

The Asian Age says the PM got a clear majority in the general elections earlier in the year and he should use that to work for India’s progress.

“This is a luxury no Indian PM has enjoyed in the past quarter century, and each had to trim his sights in the context of coalition pressures and dilemmas,” the paper says.

It adds that “Mr Modi has a reputation for dynamic action and single-mindedness. They [people] look forward to see some of this” in his policies.

Echoing similar sentiments, The Pioneer also urges the PM to fulfil his promises.

“The Indian electorate has kept its side of the deal — it has given Mr Modi not just a strong mandate but, indeed, a once-in-a-generation opportunity to script the destiny of this nation. Now, the ball is in the Prime Minister’s court,” it says.

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