Nanda Prasad died during hunger strike, despite all government efforts: Bam Dev Gautam 

Late Nanda Prasad Adhikari and his widow Ganga Maya, staging hunger strike  at Bir Hospital in   Kathmandu,Nepal

KATHMANDU, Sept 29: Nanda Prasad Adhikari who passed away during his 329 days hunger strike, on September 22, died due to unreasonable demands, according to Nepal‘s Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam.

The acting Prime Minster Gautam while speaking before the Social Justice and Human Rights Committee of parliament in Kathmandu, on Sunday, stated that the government had spent millions on trying to force feed the couple, before adding that despite all government efforts saving Adhikari’s widow Ganga Maya was also difficult

The Adhikari couple had started their fast-unto-death strike from since October 13, 2013, demanding justice for their son Krishna Prasad Adhikari’s murder. Krishna Prasad Adkhikari had been killed during the Maoist insurgency.


Home Minster Bam Dev Gautam

According to the Government of Nepal, the reason the perpetrators behind Krishna Prasad Adhikari’s death have not been brought to justice is because they do not have sufficient evidence to bring the accused to justice.Citing police investigations, he stated that out of the two people allegedly involved in Krishna Prasad murder, one of them is been hiding in London and another had already passed away during the insurgency.

“They should have ended their hunger strike a long time ago because the police are doing their best to bring the accused person to justice. We have already published a notice on the Interpol website to arrest the perpetrator and the government will provide the family with reparation,” said Gautam.

According to him despite all government efforts the couple, stubbornly stood by their stance. “ We are still trying really hard to save Ganga Maya,” said Gautam. “However we could not save Nanda Prasad due to their increasing demands.”

Gautam further informed that the couple had demanded Rs 2 billion to end the hunger strike. “The government failed to end their strike due to their impossible to grant demands. We have employed all possible efforts to save their life,” he said.

The parliamentary committee, after taking minister Gautam’s clarification into consideration, has directed the government to make significant efforts to save Ganga Maya.The committee has also directed Home Ministry to be sensitive towards incidents of human rights violations across the country.

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