Human Rights lawyer a trouble maker in China: Chinese State media 


July 14, Beijing: Over two dozen human rights lawyers are accused of being involved in illegal activism in China. China‘s State media Xinhua News Agency alleged them as being self promoters those intending to spread half truths and arranging illegal protest outside court venues. The news asks the lawyers should uphold the law and not engage in “rabble rousing” and “mob rule.”

Such step has been criticized by foreign governments and rights groups, who have put grave concerns about such crack down.

The U.S. state department has condemned the detention of lawyers. Amnesty International on Monday has said that 25 rights lawyers and activists were missing since Thursday. Human Rights Watch researcher Maya Wang called such step as “methodological dismantling” of civil society since Chinese President Xi Jinping came to power.

The Public Security Ministry has accused the lawyers of disrupting public order, seeking illicit profits, illegally hiring protesters and trying to unfairly influence the courts, Xinhua said, saying there have been more than 40 such controversial incidents since July 2012.

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