Hong Kong legislators vote against electoral reform bill 


June 18, Hong Kong: The legislators in Hong Kong  have vote against electoral reform bill, with 28 of 37 votes rejecting the proposal on Thursday.

According to reports, hundreds of Beijing supporters had converged outside government buildings on Thursday as city legislators voted on the electoral package that aimed to define the Chinese-controlled city’s democratic future.The government’s reform proposal aimed at giving all residents the right to vote for the chief executive in 2017 for the first time, but it also adhered to a Chinese government ruling that candidates must be vetted by a loyalist committee.

As the bill headed for defeat, pro-government politicians staged a walkout on Thursday, with just eight casting their vote in support of the package and 28 voting against it. One legislator did not cast a vote, which happened earlier than expected, and there were only 37 of the 70 legislators present during the vote.


The Oslo Times and Agencies

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