Ghana to mourn for three days over petrol station blast 


June 5, Accra: President of Ghana John Mahama has called for three days of mourning after dozens of people were killed in an explosion at a petrol station in the capital, Accra. Around 90 people who sought shelter from floods overnight at the state-owned GOIL petrol station near a busy downtown intersection were killed, authorities said.

The disaster raised anew concerns over the city’s inadequate infrastructure.

The city and the rest of Ghana have been experiencing torrential rains, Al Jazeera’s reporting from Accra said.

“This is a very busy area of Accra. Lots of people. Lots of car traffic. And because of the heavy rains people gathered at this gas station to seek shelter and this explosion happened,” she said.

TV footage showed corpses being piled into the back of a pickup vehicle and other charred bodies trapped amid the debris.

Floodwaters around the site hampered rescue and recovery efforts.

Officials at the nearby 37 Military Hospital said its morgue had reached capacity.

The Oslo Times and Agencies

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