Five extremist sentenced to death:Egypt 


May 04,Cairo:Five individuals from the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt were today sentenced to death for killing 13 individuals, including 11 policemen, in 2013 after a retrial.The extremist were blamed for assaulting the Kerdasa police headquarters on August 14, 2013, that day when Egyptian security strengths scattered two Brotherhood challenge sit-in camps in Cairo and Giza, killing many individuals.They were likewise blamed for having unlicensed weapons among different charges.

In February, the court sentenced 183 respondents to death in the same case. Thirty-five of them were sentenced in absentia.Five respondents, from those sent in absentia have requested a retrial. The Egyptian criminal court have affirmed their death penalties.A huge number of pro-Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood pioneers and individuals have been gathered together and put on trial since the armed force ousted the Islamist president in 2013 after gigantic street protests against his rule.

In April, an Egyptian criminal court sentenced the removed president Mohamed Morsi and 12 other Muslim Brotherhood pioneers for a long time in jail for impelling brutality close to the Ittihadeya presidential royal residence in 2012.(PTI)

The Oslo Times

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