Final round of talks regarding Iran’s nuclear power is underway 


June 27, Tehran: Even after three months an interim agreement was reached in regards to Iran’s nuclear plans, there has been no change in behavior in regards to Human Rights violations by the government of Iran. Despite this the final negotiations have begun in Vienna.

The final negotiations for Iran’s nuclear programme between Iran and the six major powers are under way, as the group tries to strike a negotiation with Iran.

The talks have begun at a time when questions are being raised on Iran’s abysmal approach towards human rights issues inside the country.

According to a report which was released on Thursday, said that Iran continues to “severely restrict civil liberties” and includes a laundry-list of violations: lack of freedom of assembly, speech, religion and press; disappearances; arbitrary and unlawful detention, torture, and killing; politically motivated violence and repression; denial of fair public trial; the lack of an independent judiciary; and holding political prisoners, among other things.

“The purpose of the nuclear talks, as we have explained many, many times, is to deal with the nuclear issue. It is not to deal with the human rights issue. It’s a separate concern,” said Tom Malinowski, assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor.

“But we have made it absolutely clear that we – regardless of the outcome of the Iran talks – we are going to continue to speak up and stand out and stand up for human rights in Iran; that if any sanctions are lifted as a result of a nuclear deal, the human rights-related sanctions will remain in place,” he added.

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