European Convention on Human Rights ‘stops egregious acts’: UK’s Former Attorney General Grieve 


Dec 29, London: After reports of the inhumane treatment of Al Qaeda suspects during interrogation by the CIA, questions regarding the treatment of terror suspects by the UK was raised. Talking in this regard, Former attorney general Dominic Grieve, said that kind of behavior would not occur in the UK because of the European Convention on Human Rights, on Monday.

“This great state anchored in the principles of the rule of law nevertheless succeeded in committing such egregious violations of rights at a time when it was under pressure,” he said.

While, highlighting the report published recently by the US Senate which said water-boarding and confinement to a coffin-sized box for hours on end were among CIA techniques for interrogating Al Qaeda suspects.

He further added that as attorney general he has  have often had to deal with all sorts of difficult situations but the legal framework in  Britain now  does not allow such egregious behavior, however in the past,  “as we know from examples like the Mau Mau in Kenya, it almost certainly happened in a similar fashion.”He further added, “that for me is why the human rights framework we have is valuable; not because it is perfect, not because it needs to be viewed as written on tablets of stone, not because it cannot be improved.”

The Conservatives have promised to scrap Britain’s 1998 Human Rights Act, introduced under the Labour government.

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