Ecuadorian NGO website attacked and disabled for 48 hours 


July 3, Quito: On 27 June 2015, Fundamedios’ website,, was the victim of a cyber attack that caused it to be down and made it impossible for users to access the site’s content. The attack also disabled the email accounts of the organization’s members and employees, hindering their work in the defense and promotion of freedoms in Ecuador. This comes after others involving the sites of media outlets such as Ecuavisa, El Comercio, Teleamazonas, Vistazo, LaRepú, which have suffered damage in the last two weeks, coinciding with the broadcast of public protests against the government.

According to the organization’s webmaster, the attack could have been caused by a saturation of the server that blocks the IP, leading pages to no longer be operational, what is known as a denial of service attack or DoS. The website is now operational. It was restored 48 hours after going down.

This is not the first time Fundamedios’ website has been attacked. On 9 February this year, the organization’s site was down for several days after publishing its annual report on freedom of expression violations in Ecuador. Also, on 16 January Fundamedios’ website suffered several attacks when the site was used to engage in phishing, causing the site to be put on a “black list” by some servers, preventing certain users from having access and hindering the dissemination of information.

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