Dutch royal family owns stolen Nazi loots art: Official report 


March 31, Amsterdam: The Dutch royal Family owns a painting by a Dutch master that was looted during by Nazi`s during Germany’s occupation of the Netherlands in World War Two, according to a report published in BBC news on Tuesday.

The Jerusalem Post reported “One painting was found where there were indications of involuntary loss of possession during the German occupation,” the government said in a statement after an inquiry commissioned by the Royal Family that examined tens of thousands of paintings in the Royal Collection.

Officials have contacted the heirs of the original owner, who was not named, to arrange its return.

BBC reported after the war and the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands “the painting ended up with a Dutch art dealer where Queen Juliana bought it in 1960 without knowing about its history.”The inquiry found that another painting in the collection, “Landscape with St. Hubert”, whose provenance had been regarded as doubtful, was not stolen.                     The Oslo Times

The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times
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