Cuba urges Human Rights talks with US 


27 March, Washington: The human rights dialog between Cuba and United states will come under debate in Washington one of the most delicate issues pending in their historic rapprochement, on Tuesday in Washington,

A Cuban foreign minister Pedro Luis Pedroso Cuesta told AFP “Hopes this dialogue will unfold in a constructive tone, on the basis of reciprocity, without conditions or discriminatory treatment and in full respect of sovereignty, independence and non-interference in the countries’ internal affairs.”

U.S. authorities had no quick remark on Cuba‘s proposal, which would put the human rights talks on a different track from ongoing discussions aimed for re-creating diplomatic relations. The talks appear unlikely to lead to short-term changes in the way either nation perspectives about rights. The U.S. is expected to press Cuba to permit its nationals more prominent the right to speak freely and political activities. Cuba likely will react with its own critiques of poverty, insufficient health-care coverage and excessive police force in the United states. Compensation for American property nationalized after the Cuban Revolution.                                                                         The Oslo Times

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