Chinese hackers mount internet espionage on Southeast Asia, India: Report 


APRIL 13, CALIFORNIA, US: Chinese hackers have mounted spying on governments and businesses in Southeast Asia and India for a decade, alleges an internet security company FireEye Inc. FireEye in its report released Monday, said the cyber espionage operations dated back to at least 2005. “Their main target is governments and commercials because they hold key political, economic and military information about their region,” the company claimed. The report further said the sustained, planned development effort along with the hacking group’s regional targets and mission makes us believe that the activity has state-backing. “Perhaps the Chinese government.” the report adds. The Chief Technology Officer for Asia Pacific at FireEye and the co-author of the report, Bryce Boland, said the attack was still going on. He said they discovered it when the Chinese hackers kept continue attacks against its customers, who also include among the targets. Whenever it comes to hacking reports, China always denies allegations. Commenting on the report of the FireEye, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Hong Lei said that he wants to stress the Chinese government firmly bans and clamp down on any hacking acts. (The Oslo Times)


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