Chinese Cartoonist Wang Liming finds it hard to sell his work in exile 


May 31, Beijing: Wang Liming who has been living in Japan  ever since he was nearly arrested last year, but while he may have avoided possible arrest, the cartoonist, known as Rebel Pepper, says he is struggling to make a living in Japan.

As his nickname “Rebel Pepper” suggests, Wang’s sharp, satirical cartoons may not have been acceptable to everyone, including China‘s Communist Party. The cartoonist frequently used his drawings to skewer the Chinese leadership and their authoritarianism as well as to call attention to events such as last year’s pro-Beijing rally in Hong Kong, organized by a group sympathetic to Beijing.

According to a statement issues by CPJ, “Maybe the [Communist] Party wants to admonish people one by one as examples,” Wang said in a public appeal for support this month, after exhausting his savings over the past year. “If they don’t throw you in jail, they’ll make it impossible for you to live.”

Meanwhile, Wang’s experiences of falling foul to the authority is similar to the fate of other satirical cartoonists around the World, who fall prey to their governments. In a report titled, “Drawing the Line: Cartoonists Under Threat,” a report by CPJ highlights how cartoonists are being imprisoned, forced into hiding, threatened with legal action, or killed at a global level.

The Oslo Times

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