Brain-dead pregnant woman’s case prompts debate over abortion ban 

Irelan for anti-abortion law

Dublin, Dec 23: Dublin judges are making a verdict whether a brain-dead pregnant woman should be kept on life support to give her 17-week-old fetus a chance at life, a case that has reignited debate over Ireland’s abortion ban.

Three High Court judges are hearing arguments from five groups of lawyers who represent the woman, her fetus, her parents, her partner and the hospital. The judges are likely to issue a ruling later Tuesday.

At issue is the Irish constitution’s provision that the life of the woman and of the fetus should enjoy equal protection. Lawyers for the hospital say the pregnant woman is already clinically dead, but they fear a lawsuit if they end artificial support for her circulatory and respiratory systems, essential for the fetus’ survival.

The woman’s partner and parents want her life support turned off.

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