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Stranger at Sunset: a fantastic read

July 29, Oslo: Stranger at Sunset by Eden Baylee is a fantastic read. A group of strangers and acquaintances spend a week together in a holiday resort in Jamaica after a tropical storm has recently devastated parts of it. One of those guests has given the resort a terrible write up in a travel magazine, another is an egotistic self-declared ‘alpha’ male, there are a few couples and house staff and then there is our...[ ] Read more

Valley of Thracians: an interesting rare find

By : Christoph Fischer

June 24, Oslo: “Valley of Thracians” is a wonderful book about grandfather Simon travelling to Bulgaria to track down his missing and declared-for-dead grandson Scott. The latter used to work for the Peace Corp in Bulgaria before...[ ] Read more

The Physics of Randomness

By : Ellis Shuman

By chance I learned about this bestselling Bulgarian novel. The Physics of Sorrow was written by Georgi Gospodinov and just translated into English by the very talented Angela Rodel (she also translated 18% Gray by Zachary...[ ] Read more

NEH announces $1.7mn grant to support nonfiction books

July 28, New York: The National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) announced on Tuesday that it was awarding $1.7 million for such projects as McWhorter's study of the post-World War II era in Huntsville, Alabama, and Wendy Lesser's...[ ] Read more

Film rights to Carmen Amato’s Emilia Cruz Detective Novel Series Acquired by Screenwriter

July 14,LA: Exciting times ahead for mystery author Carmen Amato following the acquisition of film and television rights to her detective Emilia Cruz series by screenwriter and director Emily Skopov. The series, which includes the...[ ] Read more

The English dictionary just got 500 words richer

June 27, Oslo: If you find the English language complicated things have gotten a wee more easier as 500 new words have been added to the Oxford English dictionary. The Oslo times has gotten a list of the most popular words that have been added...[ ] Read more

Alice celebrates her 150th birthday

June 18, London:When mathematician-writer Lewis Carroll sent Alice down the rabbit hole in 1865, little did he know that the girl in the pinafore dress — along with the creatures from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its 1872 sequel...[ ] Read more

Author Interviews

Whistleblowers exposing government misconduct are often ill treated: Author, Stephen M Kohn tells the Oslo Times

By :

Stephen Martin Kohn is the author of the first legal treatise on whistle blowing and is considered as one of the top experts in whistle-blower protection law. He also has written extensively on the subject of political prisoners and the...[ ] Read more