Benghazi refugee centre hit 


April 29,Libya: A missile has hit a school in Bengahzi’s Majouri district housing refugees from other parts of the country. Several people, including a number of children, are reported to have been wounded in the attack last night.  The number and scale of casualties are as yet unknown.In a separate incident, part of the Children’s Hospital, near Benghazi Medical Centre, has closed after it was hit yesterday by a missile. No one was injured.

Parts of the city continue to suffer what is still being referred to a random rocket attacks said to be from Ansar Al-Sharia. However, many Benghazi residents question the use of the word “random”, saying that the firing by Ansar is deliberate and intended to punish areas for not supporting it.Meanwhile, it has been announced that the body of an army sergeant kidnapped on 13 November, has been found just behind was used to be Saiqa Special Force camp in Buatni. The camp was overrun by Ansar and 17 February Brigade last July.

The dead man, a member of the Chemical Weapons Prevention Unit, has been named as Mohamed Al-Amari. Aged 23, he had been married for one month when he disappeared.

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Source:Libya Herald



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