Argentine Prosecutor Nisman found dead in his apartment 

alberto nisman

Jan 19, Buenos Aries: The Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman who had accused the Argentine president of directing a cover-up of the investigation into the bomb attack on Jewish community center was found dead on Monday.

The prosecutor was found dead just hours before he was to testify at a closed door hearing. According to reports, Nisman,had been examining the 1994 blast that killed 85 people and would be presenting his case just hours later. Local reports stated that guards had found a small calibre handgun next to his body, while investigating the case after his mother alerted them about the fact that her 51-year-old son was neither answering her call nor the door on Sunday afternoon.

“Alberto Nisman was found dead on Sunday night in his flat on the 13th floor of the tower Le Parc, in the Buenos Aires district of Puerto Madero,” the Argentinian security ministry said in a statement. “Next to Nisman’s body, a .22-calibre handgun was found, together with a bullet casing.”

The 1994 car bomb attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AIMA) building remains an unhealed wound within Argentine society, particularly for its 200,000-strong Jewish population. In 2006, Argentine prosecutors, led by Mr Nisman, formally charged the Iranian authorities of ordering the attack and of directing the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah to carry it out.

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has denied claims of being involved in a cover-up of the bombing inquiry
Iran always denied the allegations. In 2013, Ms Fernández tried to form a “truth commission” with Iran to jointly investigate the attack. She said at the time that the pact would reactivate the inquiry, but Israeli and Jewish groups said the move threatened to derail criminal prosecution of the case. The truth commission pact was later struck down by an Argentinian court.

Meanwhile, Israel‘s foreign ministry expressed deep sorrow over Mr Nisman’s death.

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