Somalia: Al-Shabab launch attack in Mogadishu 


June 21, Mogadishu: The jihadist group Al-Shabab has launched fresh attacks on the Somali capital, on Sunday Morning, as a car bomb exploded near the National Intelligence headquarters in Mogadishu.

After the bomb went off the terrorist group is said to have forcefully entered the the Intelligence service headquarters which has led to intense fighting. According to the terror organization, they have killed several intelligence officers inside the building. However the government authorities have not verified this information and have stated that the militants have  entered a residential building instead.

On Saturday, Al-Shabab had raided a police station in the capital, killing eight on duty police officers. “The Al-Shabab killed eight of his colleagues and took three police cars,” said Major Abdikadir Hussein who also added that they have traced the fighters responsible for the attack on Saturday.

These attacks have come after the group threatened to intensify its attacks, against the internationally backed government, during holy month of Ramadan.

The Oslo Times


The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times
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