A Yazidi captives’s tale on how ISIS turns women captives into concubines 

Yazidi women who found themselves unable to flee the ISIS onslaught lie this teen girl at an Iraqi refugee camp have been sold as slaves, the extremist group said Sunday in a Sunday issue of its magazine “Dabiq”. (Photo courtesy: AP)

“Hundreds of Yazidi children have died so far, women have been killed or sold into slavery and men slaughtered,” the only MP representing the Yazidi minority group in Iraq‘s Parliament, said.


14 April, Iraqi Kurdistan: The Yazidi people are a religious community practicing Zoroastrianism and women in this community have become victims of sex trade and slavery at the hands of ISIS—an international terror outfit. In fact the only women spared these days are those women who have just given birth or are breastfeeding as they are recognized unfit and cannot be taken as “sex slaves”. Girls as young as 15 are sold to sex-thirsty men.

The women are separated and dragged away by their hair were the goals of sex slavery in a place known as ‘sex slave warehouse’. One of the captives who fled the ISIS “sex slavery” said she came across unspeakable ordeals of physical torture. She said they were separated and dragged away by their hair. She also said they took married women and young ones too. “The youngest with us was just 10,” she said. “We are going to marry you off, and then you will forget your family,” she recalled what the ISIS fighters told them.

Survivors Situation


The Sharia refugee camp accommodated hundreds of Yazidi families with over 4,000 tents around six months ago in the front lines with ISIS about 30 kilometers, where the occasional reverberation in the distance can be heard.

The large majority of the camp’s inhabitants have been living in the town of Sinjar where approximately 500-2000 Sinjari citizens were killed after ISIS captured it in August 2014. They fled the ISIS assault, but all of them couldn’t manage to escape.

They are physically freed now but mentally they are still captives, as one of them said: “If I just see an individual with ISIS look, I start shivering.”

Sex Slave Warehouse

Several reports have appeared in media regarding sexual abuses and enslavement in the ISIS controlled areas of women and girls, from the minority Christian and Yazidi communities.

Dozens of female captives are lined up, in rows of ten, where they cannot move or cry and the men come in and define the kind of girl they want, some as eight years old. Then they are picked as the fighters pleased and taken into various houses, where the ISIS fighters guard the door and ordered to bathe and clean themselves.

The chosen women are taken to the buildings aka sex slave warehouse, where hundreds of girls and women have been raped.

The United Nations report declared on 2 October 2014, that ISIS took about 500 women and girls to Iraq‘s Nineveh region in August, where “150 unmarried girls, mostly from the Yazidi and Christian communities, were reportedly shipped to Syria, either to be given to the fighters as an award or as concubines”. The report was based on 500 interviews with witnesses, who talked on concubinage-trauma.

The rise of ISIS

The rise of Islamic State has taken a strategic chunk of northern Syria to central Iraq, which has unleashed terror into the hearts of citizens in the Middle-East. The group first appeared as the branch of al-Qaeda in Iraq on 2004, however it brand itself as ISIS two years later. The group has taken over oilfields. The group has successfully leveraged its control over Syrian and oilfields as currently they have half of Syria’s oil wealth under its control, according to energy expert al-Khateeb.  He said the oil is finding its way to the black market and ISIS is potentially earning up to $3 million per day.”

Middle Eastern intellectuals and also governments have failed to find out which black market is the main consumption because on one hand they consider the ISIS as illegitimate as by now no nation has officially welcome and recognized the group as a state. 

 ISIS has tortured and murdered innocent citizens including journalists. They were persecuted and killed by the group according to the reports received by Reporters Without Borders.”

Moreover, Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi discussed the ISIS today, where his Iraqi counterpart said they need support from the US against the terror group. They also talked about Iran. ISIS in its magazine ostensibly being run by the group admitted Sundayenslaving Yazidi women. This is the first ever confirmation of the allegations against the group. The issue of Dabiq magazine released Sunday said that the enslaved families have been sold by the ISIS fighters. Dabiq is a town in northern Syria and the group has named its magazine after the town. The issue adds that Yazidi women and children were then divided according to Shariah amongst the fighters of the ISIS particularly those who took part in the Sinjar operations.

"Dabiq" magazine issue of the terror group--ISIS, released on Sunday.

“Dabiq” magazine, the mouthpiece of the terror group–ISIS, released its issue on Sunday, where for the first time the group admitted  enslaving Yazidi women.

The confirmation by the group comes as Human Rights Watch said Sunday that hundreds of Yazidi men, women and children from Iraq have been held captives in makeshift detention centers in Iraq and Syria by ISIS.



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