A Venezuela plane with 1.2 tons of cocaine crashes off Colombia’s coast 


May 21,Bogota: A little plane from Venezuela with more than a huge amount of cocaine on load up has collided with the Caribbean while being sought after by Colombia‘s flying corps.

Video clip discharged by the flying corps indicates how contender planes caught the Hawker 800 air craft after it entered Colombia‘s air space yesterday and requested it to dive.After the pilot moved to get away, one of the plane’s engines clearly fizzled and the flying machine slammed off the shore of Puerto Colombia.

Colombia‘s coast gatekeeper says the assortment of the pilot, whose nationality was obscure, was found among the destruction alongside 1.2 metric tons of cocaine.

Venezuela has turn into a key travel nation for narcotics. A significant part of the cocaine moves north to Central America on a pooch legged way to abstain from entering Colombian airspace.(AP)

The Oslo Times

The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times The Oslo Times
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